Igokat Film Productions Igokat Film Productions was born from an observation:
the majority of show movies don’t do them justice.

It is indeed very difficult to reproduce the atmosphere and the story of a performance.
It is to fill this gap and to bring a more artistic vision
to a technical process that Igokat Film Productions was created.



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in the entertainment world,
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he editing of your videos
keeps the magic
of live performance on screen.

Our goals

Igokat Film Productions puts its skills at your service and strives to:

1. Make each show a unique film in every sense of the word and enrich the performance.

2. Propose a technical and artistic quality of filming allowing the sense of the show to be understood.

3. Make an assembly respecting the work, allowing to follow the show in a complete way.

4. Propose a creation process (post-production workflow) allowing multiple uses of the final product
(DVD, broadcasting, archiving, web, tape backup, etc.).

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Our skills

Each cameraman has an artistic experience of the scene which allows him to grasp what is really important.
We not only expect beautiful images but also a follow-up of the show enriching the finished product.
Indeed, the camera operator being the eye of the spectator who will watch the film,
he must film what the spectator would watch, a movement accompanying that of the representation.

We practice what we are used to calling in our jargon “intuitive editing”, which means that we continue the work done during filming:
replacing the viewer’s gaze as accurately as possible.
Thus, everything is shown, we do not miss a second of what is happening.
This makes it an exciting film and a powerful tool that can, among other things, be used to reassemble the work.

Once the assembly is complete, the final product can take several forms:

1. A ready-to-sell DVD, printed, in a case with a four-color sleeve.
This support is the least expensive and simplest way of preserving the work.

2. A file in a video format of your choice
(for example, flash sequences for distribution on a website).

3. A band for broadcasting (broadcasting on a television channel).

4. Backup to tape or DVD.

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