Monday 2 September

The Igokat shop was started from an idea.

To practice a discipline such as dance, and to perhaps have a chance to become a professional dancer, it is best to start very young and wear the appropriate attire.

Dance clothes should be made up of good quality, and are mainly designed for this discipline.

A leotard or a tutu is not any tunic that can be used later on for a parade with friends.

As well as half-pointes and pointe shoes, which are not used as slippers or rythmic gymnastic shoes.

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Dance is considered an artform and a sport at a very high level, and as such it should be treated. You can’t go back to an ice hockey club without good equipment!

For this we offer products espacially designed for dance at unbeatbale prices!

Our prices are 10% to 20% less than other dance boutiques in Switzerland.

And we are at your disposal for any other information.

Why is a particular dress code/uniform necessary?
  Firstly the classical ballet outfit is designed to show that the lines of the body are clearly visible, otherwise the professor nor the student will be able to correct themsleves with the help of the mirror. Large clothing like tracksuits do not allow one to correct the posture.
  Secondly the combination of the leotard and tights allows for the clothing to not move regardless of the motion carried, which avoids having to re-adjust your clothes several times during the class.