SCHOOL FEES : The school fees are set on an annual basis of 10 months.

Adult Classes : The class fees are monthly payments at the beginning of each month and take into account the official holidays of the Igokat Center in which the school is closed (these will be displayed beforehand on our website and our billboards).

School fees are valid from the 1st to the last day of the month.

As soon as the teacher has taken the class roll call, the class is counted and is non-refundable and cannot be replaced.

Childrens classes : The school fees are to be paid by trimester and are payable the first week of September, December and March (4 months).

The school fees are to be paid directly at our offices or by a pink payment slip (BVR).

A late payment fee of 10.- fr. will be perceived for each late payment.

TRIAL CLASS : Children and Adult Classes (from September to Juine).

The Igokat Center offers the possibility to take a trial class in each discipline proposed by the Center : Classical ballet, Modern/contemporary, Floor barre, Stretching and Pilates.

If you wish to do a second trial class in the same discipline but with a different teacher, this class is to be paid (according to the prices of the Igokat Center).

After a second class taken in the same discipline, with the same teacher, you are considered enrolled as a student in our school.

If you don’t wish to continue the class after your trial class, it is obligatory to inform us by e-mail or by letter and the trial class will remain free. Otherwise, the trial class will be charged according to the Center’s prices.

You have one week to let us know of your choice.


Adult Classes : The student has the possibility of cancelling his or her registration at the end of each month or by informing us by e-mail or letter.

Children Classes : The parents can cancel the registration of their child during the school year at the end of each trimester by registered letter or by e-mail addressed to the direction. No resignation will be accepted before the end of a trimester and the school fees must be paid in full up until the end of the trimester.

Star Formula and Pre-Professional Program: The direction reserves the right to cancel a “Star or Pre-Professional Program” contract for non-compliance with it.


A classe can be cancelled if there aren’t enough participants (min. 5 persons).
In the event that the class cannot be given in a classroom due to the dance space being unavailable for any reason, including federal and / or cantonal restrictions, the classes will continue through a video conference provider online such as Zoom, Skype, Vimeo, or a similar platform.
The school reserves the right to enforce its internal rules and regulations.

Adult Classes :
The school will not reimburse for missed lessons but they can be recuperated if possible in the current month. However, after one month’s absence due to illness or accident, a request for an arrangement may be made in writing to the direction, upon presentation of a Medical Certificate.
For the vacation in December and January (Christmas/winter vacation), classes cannot be recuperated.
You can pay by class or by package but if you choose the package, you must recuperate the class during the week before the vacation.

Children’s Classes : The school will not reimburse any missed classes. However, after one month of absence, due to illness or accident, a request for an arrangement can be made to the direction, on presentation of a Medical Certificate.

Children and Adults Lessons:
When you register with the Igokat Center, it will be valid from September to June of the current school year.
Because registrations do not renew automatically, the student or the student’s parents must re-register for each new school year.
Children’s Classes pre-registration: Towards the end of the current school year (May / June), parents will have the opportunity to register their child for the new school year.

The annual enrollment fee is 20.- fr. perceived at the enrollment and is to cover the administrative costs.

For a member of the same family living in the same home, and for a class of another discipline.
The 10% reduction is not valid for the payment of individual class, the pre-professional program and the Star Formula.

– UNIFORM of the Igokat Dance Academy for Children’s classes :
All children taking lessons at the Academy must wear the Igokat uniform.
Baby Dance, Pre-Ballet, Level I to V, Modern Children, Modern Youth, Modern Pre-professional and Contemporary Pre-professional.
The uniform is available at IGOKATSHOP.

The student must be apt for all physical activity. The school doesn’t cover any risk of sickness, accident, theft, forgotten items or exchanged items. The students should be personally insured against these risks.
Bags and valuables are to be taken into the dance studio.


All pictures and videos taken concerning the Igokat Center or during performances can be used as publicity for the Igokat Center.

In case of any errors in the English version of the Rules & Regulations, only the French text of the rules apply.

Rules made on April 2nd, 2020 – Director : Igor Piovano