Why take a trial class ?

For the student : For the student: the trial class gives you the opportunity to try out the various disciplines offered by Igokat and choose the one which corresponds to your personal desires.

For the teacher: the trial class permits an evaluation of the student’s level and will help to decide which class is best adapted to the students needs.

Can I watch a class before taking my trial class?
No, to really discover a class one must participate physically.
For the students already participating in the class, it is never comfortable to be observed by spectators especially if one is taking their own trial class.

Can I take several trial classes?
Yes, it is possible to take a trial class in each discipline that interests you, but you can’t take several trial classes in the same discipline.

How can I take a trial class?
After contacting us, the school’s secretary will suggest a class and time for your trial class.
At the end of your trial class, the teacher will advise you on the best program for your needs.
You must fill in a short information sheet before your trial class. An adult must fill it in for minors.

What is the cost of a trial class?
The trial class is not free.
If you don’t wish to enroll, we will not ask to pay for the class, but it is obligatory to write us an e-mail informing us of your decision, otherwise the class will be billed to you.

When can I do a trial class?
At any time from September to June except during the summer stage classes.
The trial class must be taken before enrollment.
If you decide to enroll, the monthly fee for adults or the trimestral fee for children will be due.
If you don’t wish to enroll, there is no fee, but it is obligatory to write us an e-mail to inform us.
Otherwise, you will be billed for the class.

Any other questions?
Each case is unique.
Contact the secretary.