After many years spent with Maurice Béjart as principal dancers and ballet masters, IGOr and KAThryn (IGOKAT) decide to join their passion and their knowledge.

They surround themselves with former principal dancers of the Béjart Ballet Lausanne such as Julie Lamby, Pasquale Alberico and Giuliano Cardone, as well as other internationally renowned teachers who have joined the team over the years.

Because of their different professional experiences, each teacher brings a personal touch to the teaching of this rigorous discipline of dance.

Igor Piovano
Igor PiovanoFounder director
Kathryn Bradney
Kathryn BradneyFounder director
Julie Lamby
Julie LambyAssistent director
Pasquale Alberico
Pasquale AlbericoTeacher
Giuliano Cardone
Giuliano CardoneTeacher
Sarah Frassanito
Sarah FrassanitoTeacher
Marie-Hélène Rey Lescure
Marie-Hélène Rey LescureTeacher
Laura Smeak
Laura SmeakTeacher
Yann Dorsaz
Yann DorsazTeacher
Ilonna Tognetti
Ilonna TognettiTeacher
Mélina Brès
Mélina BrèsTeacher
Betty Jayet
Betty JayetMMM
Esteban Flores
Esteban FloresHip-hop
Jessica Pinto
Jessica PintoBeginner hip-hop commercial
Edgar Ochoa
Edgar OchoaCuban Salsa
Laëtycia Vumuka
Laëtycia VumukaAfro Dance
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