Bank information

If you’d like to provide financial assistance by e-banking, here is our bank information:
Association de Soutien de la Compagnie Igokat
Banque Cantonale Vaudoise
Place St. François
Lausanne, Suisse
N° compte: 51719983
Clearing: 767
IBAN: CH61 0076 7000 U517 1998 3
To contact us directly
Association de Soutien de la Compagnie Igokat (ASCI)
Rue Caroline 7
1003 Lausanne Suisse
Tél. 021/311’11’05
Portable: 076/476’43’89

A form of contemporary dance made up of ruptures, shifts and contradictions.

A Company which develops its own vocabulary, grammar and language with its creations.

She questions herself about the world, society and reality.
In her shows, she tries both to convey her passion for dance and to find the perfect balance between
virtuosity and stage expression.
His artistic vision is constantly linked to the major themes of the news around us.