Igor Piovano et Kathryn Bradney


Kathryn Bradney, Igor Piovano, Julie Lamby, Pasquale Alberico, Giuliano Cardone, Pauline Schopfer, Emma Sandall, Francesco Rovea

Centre Culturel des Terreaux

The 30th, 31th and 1th November 2015


PHOTOS John Hottinger

VISUAL EFFECTS Igokat Film Productions


DVD PRODUCER Igokat Film Productions

In its tradition of sharing and exchanging, the Company makes an appointment with its public

on, a site created for the event.

To discover the website clic here

“dansebook” like facebook, a social network or rather an invitation to participate in the creative process of the 2015 show of Compagnie Igokat.

In its tradition of sharing and exchange, the Company will meet its audience on, a site created for the event.

Visitors will be able to view excerpts from the various Igokat ballets and will choose, after a vote, the pieces that will constitute the 2015 creation.

The eight dancers will take up the challenge of interpreting the public’s choice, a choice dictated by the themes that are dear to him, the technicality and the plasticity of his dancers, or even, just the desire to discover the magic of one piece rather than another.

To the strict seduction of the images, will be added, for the spectator, the possibility of becoming an active participant; the show will then take the form of an open-hearted human discussion, faithful to the constant desire of the Company to engage its audience in its reflections.

From their place of observers, the spectators will slide towards a position of actors which, therefore, justifies their free access to creation.

The show will be free and open to all.

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