Margaux Dorsaz was born in Switzerland, she was interested in the art of movement from an early age.

Called on by the magic of dance, she began the pre-professional course at the Cantonal Conservatory of Valais in Switzerland.

Once her certificate was in hand, she decided to take her skills further by training as a performer at the School of Contemporary Dance in Montreal, Canada.

During her artistic education, she worked with multiple choreographers, including Helder Seabra, Sita Ostheimer, Marie Chouinard, Sam Coren, Alan Lake, Parts + Labor_Danse…

With her athletic build, she tries to overcome the limits of her body. Imposing and sensitive in her dance, she expresses herself with ardor in a fluid and organic movement.

Margaux is enriched by her experience across the Altantic and decides to continue her career in Europe.

She is part of several companies in Switzerland, she dances in particular for Laure Dupont, ADN Dialect, Igokat, MLADHA. It shares the Germanic scene a lot with the company Cocoondance and the Cooperativa Maura morales.

In November and December 2018, she was solo dancer with the Igokat Company in “Il Maestro Vivaldi” at the Espace Culturel des Terreaux in Lausanne.

She is currently a freelance dancer and teacher in different schools.