Igor Piovano et Kathryn Bradney


Gelsomina Di Lorenzo, Julie Lamby, Pauline Schopfer,
Paolo Giglio, Giuliano Cardone, Pasquale Alberico

Centre Culturel des Terreaux

November 17th, 20th, 26th and 27th, 2016

John Hottinger
Igokat Film Productions
Alain Engler
Igokat Film Productions

In the 16th century William Shakespeare (1564-1616) published his theatrical tragedy Romeo and Juliet, whose action he set in Verona.


In 2016, the new creation of the Company puts on stage a Romeo like no other.


Romeo a charming firefighter who …

2016! A village somewhere, an impossible love.

Two young lovers, Romeo and Juliet.
Two rival families, the Capulets and the Montagues, for so long that they no longer remember why.

A hidden love with the hope one day of being able to shout it loud and clear, clear and without fear.
Everything is complicated, hopeless.
And then…

The war explodes.
Not somewhere else but here at home.
And everything gets really complicated.
The Capulet family flees abroad.

But where is the stranger?
But what is the foreigner?

Bombs, deaths, but this time it’s not on TV.
Romeo is left alone.

The Montagues no longer exist, Juliette is no longer there.

The fear of staying, the fear of leaving and then this disappears.

It’s tiring to be afraid!

A long journey is preparing to find his beloved.
Romeo finally finds his Juliet.
And the Capulet family?

All hatred was gone, all rage had been erased.
It’s tiring to tear each other apart when you can just love each other.


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