Igor Piovano et Kathryn Bradney

Concert pianists

Ufuk & Bahar Dördüncü

Théâtre Métropole Lausanne

June 11th and 12th, 2010


Kathryn Bradney, Igor Piovano

Julie Lamby, Pasquale Alberico

Giuliano Cardone, Cécile Python

Géraldine Tissot, Justine Arm

GRAPHIC DESIGN Margaux Dewarrat 1er Prix du Concours au Gymnase Auguste Piccard

PHOTOS John Hottinger

VIDEO Igokat Film Productions


STAGE MANAGER Guillaume Chardonnens


DVD PRODUCER Igokat Film Productions

A mentor, a guide disappears from the world of Dance.

A void that cannot be filled, a feeling of loneliness and despair.

Easy to say …..

We are all essential but no one is irreplaceable.

Who could replace him?

Should we really replace it?

The search for a sequel, the desire for the new and the desire to stay in a past time.

What solution do we have?

“Shut Up and Dance”

Various video projections will help the viewer follow us through the twists and turns of our history.

A dance company like no other.

A day like any other, a rehearsal like the others, but…..

After the disappearance of the Master, nothing will be like before!

Despair, hatred, fear, loneliness.

The search for new styles, new challenges and finally… Discovery.

Nothing is over, everything continues…..

“Shut up and Dance”.

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