Igor Piovano & Kathryn Bradney


Julie Lamby, Pauline Schopfer, Mina Schürer, Pasquale Alberico, Yann Dorsaz

Centre Culturel des Terreaux

From October 14th to 17th, 2021




PHOTOS Gregory Batardon


DVD PRODUCER Igokat Film Productions

One realizes the importance of things only after having lost them. What joy then to relive, start all over again, rediscover and reinvent yourself! Let’s dance life not to forget, but not to forget that happiness is ahead of us in the little things! Walk freely, breathe and enjoy the present moment. A Hymn to the Joy of all countries combined. From Jacques Brel to Gilbert Bécaud, passing by the unique Italian Tarantelle, without forgetting among others a singing Yodel.

Yann, a mad scientist or… just a madman?

In a society in loss of security, with principles turned upside down and put to the test, he will question himself and choose happiness and joy, day by day.

Everything is proceeding “normally”; a day like any other.
Yann walks around his room and plays with his three automatons, Julie, Pauline and Mina.
Are they automatons or real people?

Pasquale arrives, discovering this magical room, its mirrors, its curtains and three beautiful girls.
But why are they hidden?
A camera and voila: he has fun immortalizing them in their perfect poses.
And why not take off those masks that hide their beauty?

The three automatons suddenly come to life.
The world is turned upside down.

Yann secretly observes the frantic ball unfolding before his eyes.
He must react; he cannot allow this.£
One after another, he manages to hide his three daughters again.

Yes ! They are his and he can control them with these magic masks.
Pasquale tries to resist, but nothing counters Yann’s fearful stubbornness.

And There you go! Everything is back to normal, as before.
Yann is once again conducting his orchestra of automatons and seems happy, so happy.

Really ? The words of the Hymn to Joy resonate in a loop in his head.

However, he must admit to being very lonely: to live such a settled life, without risks and without friends, is definitely not worth it.
He finally frees his automatons who, not without resentment, accept him.
Everyone can finally dance and really have fun together, without limitations or adversity.

We cannot live happily, apart, without taking risks.

Happiness and joy are not just an ultimate goal, but a way of life, a commitment to be renewed day by day; only way to achieve a full life.

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