Igor Piovano et Kathryn Bradney


Pasquale Alberico, Julie Lamby, Pauline Schopfer, Mina Schürer, Ilonna Tognetti

From February 23th to 26th, 2023

Christian Yerly
Rodrigo Buas, John Hottingher
DVD PRODUCER Igokat Film Productions

A melody is in the air, a voice is heard.

Movable walls limit the freedom of 5 dancers.

Spaces of different sizes follow one another in a seemingly endless evolution.

A man and four women :

Memories of the four loves of his life…..

We have all known four loves in our life!

First love
Do you remember the girl that you didn’t dare to approach in primary school?
Her beautiful hair and breathtaking smile?

Second love
And what to say about the first time?
The first time we discovered love?
Something incredible!

Third love
And then comes the person that we build our life with.
A house, the future and maybe a family?

Fourth love
And what if there is a last love?
Of which we don’t even have the right to dream?


Let’s follow the narrator


First love – Platonic

Dear young girl who captured my heart for the very first time, I am speaking to you!
I was so young, so fragile, so passionate, seized by this new feeling and swept away by everything I felt for you.
I let myself fall headfirst into the ocean of love and asked no questions.
I fell because I knew that you would be there to catch me.
When one is young and encounters first love, one’s heart is unprotected.
But that, I didn’t know


Second love – The first time

I was afraid, I told myself it was a crazy thing to do!
From fear to pleasure, we were not thinking!
You showed me what it was to love.
You proved to me that this feeling existed deep inside of me.
When I think about it, it’s as if it was yesterday.
Our kisses, our words, our laughter, our caresses, our disagreements, our reunions: only memories……
Deep down I loved you more than I hated you…….
But that, I didn’t know


Third love – For a lifetime

I, myself, doubted for a long time, I thought such love only existed in the movies.
Until the day I met you.
Ah, the love of a lifetime! Who has never dreamt of it?
Finding one’s other half is so rare that it is even more precious.
With you, we have lived as one, evolving hand in hand.
We have grown together and I discovered the world through your eyes.
If I had never met you, I would be incomplete by what would have remained hidden from me forever; uneducated as I was about things that make us suffer and give us pleasure, asking the necessary questions from our hearts.
But that, I didn’t know


Fourth love – The dream

Why is it so wonderful to be in love? To love is to live!
A last love, beyond worries and disillusions, I savor this knowingly.
I am speaking to you! You have awoken in me the desire to live again.
You will be for me the last.
We are not going to miss this chance, are we?
I will pretend I’m not in love, as if you could leave tomorrow!
You and I, we will finish on a joyous note!
This now, I know!

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