Igor Piovano et Kathryn Bradney

Author & Cartoonist of comics

Alain Auderset

Théâtre de l’Octogone Pully

6th, 7th of November and 9th, 10th of December 2011

Théâtre de Vevey

26th of November 2011


Kathryn Bradney, Igor Piovano,
Julie Lamby, Pasquale Alberico,
Giuliano Cardone, Aurélia Peixoto,
Cécile Python , Anne-Lise Tacheron,
Luna Mertens, Sarah Frassanito


PHOTOS John Hottinger

VISUAL EFFECTS Igokat Film Productions


DVD PRODUCER Igokat Film Productions

There are themes that we want to address,

but that are not easy to face.

With this show the Igokat Company will sponsor a child.

Hunger is still a harsh reality today.

We want to evoke this plague in an unexpected way: through comics.

Alain Auderset, a renowned Neuchâtel cartoonist, will guide us through our story with his new comic strip “Les Vacances de Marcel”.

A group of young people decide to spend the holidays in a different way.

Having fun, of course, but with a common goal: to find money for a young boy they saw on TV who… is starving.

Sketches, sketches, made and designed live by Alain Auderset, will be projected on a large screen to give spectators the common thread of the show.

10 dancers will walk through scenes where they will treat the harsh and sad theme of hunger with despair, rage, emotion… and sometimes with humor.

Since the comic strip “Les Vacances de Marcel”

A TV, A Boy, Hunger, and… Black.

From comics we will move on to reality, with strong and moving images made available by the Compassion Association, which supports our project.

The ballet will end around a fire, and the proposals and words will materialize:

The Igokat Company will sponsor a child.


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